Vertical Carousels

Vertical Carousels

We are in an era where competition is at its peak between industries.

To gain a competitive edge requires not only an emphasis on improving your offering but continually optimising your internal processes and resources.

Our vertical storage carousel does exactly that, by increasing the overall efficiency of your business.

Let us automate your storage so you can focus on growing your business.

Many companies around the world are incorporating MODULA® automated vertical warehousing to gain an advantage over their competitors y incorporating vertical storage carousels that allows increased efficiencies (Increased pick times, increased storage, quick access to products)

Advantages of our vertical carousels

· User friendly & safe

· Machines are easily maintained

· Integrates with your ERP

· Machines are engineered with storage flexibility

Vertical Carousel Storage
Vertical Carousel Storage

Our vertical carousels are an automated solution that saves floor space by going vertical in addition to creating a highly efficient, smart warehouse.

Our solutions help you “think vertical” while ensuring safety and reliability for your business.

We supply MODULA® vertical carousel storage systems which are the best in the industry for any type of industrial warehouse.

The machines allow flexibility, with trays rated from 250 kg up to 1000 kg.

With over 30 years of manufacturing experience, the MODULA® range of vertical carousels continues to be the industry leader to store any products, components, or spare parts for all industries.

We recommended installing a new vertical carousel in your storehouse as it can be highly customised to your needs.

We offer used carousels to those customers who prefer to try out a used VLM before they commit to further purchases.

Our used carousels are good quality, cost-effective equipment, however, supply can vary from time to time with new equipment available at all times.

Vertical Lift Machines Pty Ltd believes in end-to-end support by offering maintenance support, relocation, repairs, and technical advice when required.