Used Vertical Carousels

Used Storage Equipment

Vertical Carousels Of Australia sell a small range of plastic bins to suit a wide variety of space-saving and storage applications.
The bins were originally designed for use with vertical carousel equipment, but are equally well suited to warehouse, factory, office and home storage applications. The range has been carefully designed to accommodate items from the very smallest that can be picked up between thumb and finger, through to items that require both hands to move. The bins use removable dividers to create internal locations, allowing many different items to be stored separately in the same bin.

Key features:

  • Robust, ergonomic, long lasting design.
  • Three tray sizes available, each with individual partitions to maximise stock locations.
  • Positive-fitting, but easily removable internal location dividers, providing s torage locations from matchbox through to milk crate size.
  • Easy tray or location labeling. Suitable for Industrial, Commercial, Home and Home-Office needs.

Available individually or in bulk quantities

There are 3 basic size of storage tray shown above:

  • Large Tray: 600mm long x 300mm wide x 140mm high (max 4 locations)
  • Medium Tray: 600mm long x 150mm wide x 100mm high (max 8 locations) Small Tray: 600mm long x 150mm wide x 50mm high (max 12 locations)
  • Small Tray: 600mm long x 150mm wide x 50mm high (max 12 locations)

The trays are particularly suitable for 600mm deep shelving, vertical carousels and for pallet racking converted into shelving. Their use in these applications will significantly improve shelf storage efficiency by maximizing the use of its area and volume, and by providing flexible, easy to find stock locations. It is worth noting that 600mm deep shelving is 43% and 21% more floor area efficient than 300mm and 400mm deep shelving. Also, 600mm deep shelving with the same storage area requires significantly less material and labour. It is therefore cheaper to set up..