Storage Bins

Vertical Carousels Of Australia sell a small range of plastic bins to suit a wide variety of space-saving and storage applications.

The range has been carefully designed to accommodate items from the very smallest that can be picked up between thumb and finger, through to items that require both hands to move.

The bins use removable dividers to create internal locations, allowing many different items to be stored separately in the same bin.

The bins were originally designed for use with our vertical carousel equipment, but are equally well suited to warehouse, factory, office and home storage applications.

Bin Features

  • Robust, ergonomic, long-lasting design.
  • Three bin sizes available.
  • Positive-fitting, but removable┬áinternal location dividers.
  • Storage location volumes from “matchbox” through to “milk crate” possible.
  • Suitable for industrial, commercial, home and home office storage needs.
  • Available individually and in bulk quantities.
  • Made in Australia from local, recyclable materials by an Australian-owned company.