Modula OneTon



  • Height: 3.3 to 14,1 m
  • Height increments: 200 mm pitch
  • Tray storage optimization: 25 mm
  • Tray Width: 1.860 to 4.060 mm
  • Tray Depth: 654 mm & 857 mm
  • Unit Capacity: up to 70.000 Kg (gross)
  • Net capacity of each individual tray: from 250 to 990 kg
  • Picking speed: up to 100 Cycles/Hour
  • Operator interface: industrial control console with touch screen technology
  • Operator bays: up to 3 bays, max. 2 on the same side
  • Bay configuration: internal or external, single or dual delivery
  • Minimum energy consumption: 3.0 KW vertical axis motor
100% safe
Useful tray
width (mm)
Useful tray
depth (mm)
Tray wall
height (mm)
Unit footprint
with internal
picking bay
(WxD mm)
Unit footprint
with external
picking bay
(WxD mm)
MA 1860 654 120 990 2,314×2,563 2,314×3,250
MAD 1860 857 120 990 2,314×3,172 2,314×4,062
MC 2460 654 120 990 2,314×2,563 2,314×3,250
MCD 2460 857 120 990 2,314×3,172 2,314×4,062
MX 3060 654 120 990 2,314×2,563 2,314×3,250
MXD 3060 857 120 990 2,314×3,172 2,314×4,062
ML 4060 654 145 990 2,314×2,563 2,314×3,250
MLD 4060 857 145 990 2,314×3,172 2,314×4,062


Modula OneTon is the vertical lift module with a load capacity of 990 kg net per tray. Ideal for heavy items it saves up to 90% of floor space. The max tray payload is applaible to the entire range of tray widths. Safe and ergonomic, Modula OneTon allows operators to perform loading and picking of goods with utmost precision and safety. The operators can work with internal or external bay, with single or double delivery level; every choice guarantees top safety standards for the operators thanks to specific mechanical barriers and light curtains. When choosing the external bay configuration, the Modula OneTon makes it extremely easy to work with heavy items, also in combination with external hoists, cranes and robotic arms. The load capacity of Modula OneTon may ultimately benefit from all the options of the Modula range: picking aids such as the LED bar, alphanumeric LED bar, laser pointer accessories for the identification of operators such as badge readers or RFID tags devices to improve productivity such as the sliding console, piece counting scale, bar code reader, partitions and dividers for the trays.


Modula OneTon, like other members of the LIFT family, also means:

  • No shelving unit to reach up or bend down
  • No stairs to climb up or down
  • No mezzanines to maneuver while trying to pick
  • Prevent misuse and monitor safety
  • Access restricted with individual or role based login
  • Just in time control: all the items, trays, and inventory levels
  • No mistakes and thus better accuracy in picking operations
  • All parameters check: single tray weight, stored item height, total weight per unit