Netstock ePic Software.


The principle of all NETSTOCK software is its intuitive ease of use. Vertical Carousels Of Australia believe that the end-user should easily be able to understand and operate the software.

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Only relevant data should be displayed on screen. The latest Windows software development tools are used in its creation offering the maximum flexibility to integrate with Warehouse Management Software.

All the products below are offered for stand-alone operation but each one is capable of being integrated with WMS, MRP and ERP systems.


Arrow ePic Lite (free)

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This is cross-reference software. It records the locations of stored parts. It will control static areas or Carousels controlled by our POD interface. ePic LITE is designed to fulfill a basic storage need. It has item codes descriptions and locations. Items can be located via their Code or description.


Arrow ePic Lite

This is the same software as above but includes drivers for carousels that do not require our POD interface, such as Kardex.


Arrow ePic LQ

ePic LQ adds quantities to the LIte version. it records the stored quantities for all items within the storage area. If multiple locations exist for the same part then quantities for each location are indicated.


Arrow ePic PLUS

This adds users to ePic LQ. ePic PLUS adds users, administrators, transaction logging, list picking and receiving and more. If you are serious about your stock then this is your product.

Features of ePic Plus :-

  • Written using .Net and Microsoft SQL server technology.
  • Can interface with MRP and ERP systems.
  • Requires user security to Log on.
  • Records Transaction Reference.
  • Can use Item Batch Codes.
  • Items can be stored randomly.
  • Items can be stored from receipt lists.
  • Items can be picked randomly.
  • Items can be picked from pick lists.
  • Pick Lists can be manually created.
  • Pick Lists can be obtained from an MRP / ERP system.
  • Picking lists can be consolidated to improve pick speeds.
  • Records all Transactions.
  • Enquiries can be made of items, locations and Transactions.
  • Transaction enquiries can be filtered by User, Station, Area,Item or Batch,
  • List, Transaction Reference and date ranges.
  • Items can be located by Part Code, Description or location.
  • Various reports available.
  • Special requirements can be catered for to suit existing business Processes.
  • Navigate the screens using either the Mouse, Keyboard or Touch (Touch screen required)