Times-2 Rotary Shelving

Times-2® Office Storage Systems
Times-2® is the original Rotary Filing unit for office storage, with added safety, and can be best described as 2 filing cupboards place back to back rotating within an outer, modular cabinet. Only one access point is needed. To obtain files from either side simply rotate the inner cube by using the foot pedal. The pedal, which provides positive locking, enables the user to operate the unit with one hand, the other hand potentially holding records to be filed. The unit has 4 fixed positions (2 open and 2 closed) and does not require alignment, using both hands, prior to use. The foot pedal aids productivity prevents free spin and therefore any potential Health & Safety hazard. As a modular system, each run of Times-2® is built with an initial ˜Starter Unit™”. “Add-on™” units are then fitted to the ˜Starter™” to provide the required capacity. When the filing system grows, further Add-on units are fitted, as necessary.

The unique back-to-back, double-depth design of Rotary Filing Cabinets holds as much material as four standard filing cabinets but utilizes only half the floor space. The capacity of Times-2 is unparalleled by traditional drawer file standards.





Space Planning Capacity Applications:

NEXT TO WALL OR PANELTimes-2® Rotary Filing Unit when positioned next to traditionally-framed walls or open-office furniture systems, increases both capacity and access to stored information. Capacity will increase from a minimum of 40% to a maximum of 200% growth. Faster retrieval times are standard with Times-2®. Fifty percent of all documents are immediately available to the operator. The other half a gentle rotation away. To allow for full rotation of Times-2, a rotation space must be designed into each floor plan. The rotation space can be concealed with the addition of a wall closing strip. Rotation space along top can be concealed with the addition of an extended canopy top. 
BACK-TO-BACKTier-per-tier, Time-2® Rotary Filing Units, when placed in a back-to-back configuration, delivers the maximum possible storage capacity in the defined floor space. The secret is the elimination of entire aisleways-yet access is never compromised. Half of the stored material is still available for immediate retrieval, and the other half remains a gentle rotation away. The rotation space between back-to-back units may be planned as either single or double-depth. Appropriately sized wall-closing strips are available for each dimension. Extended canopy tops are also available to conceal the rotation space from above. In shorter heights, custom woodtops are also an attractive option.
Access Applications: 
ROOM DIVIDERIn addition to filing and storage capacity gains, Times-2® Rotary Filing Units delivers cost reduction and productivity benefits. When used as a room divider Times-2® defines departmental space, eliminates the cost of construction or furniture panels, and still provides increased access to all stored materials. The dual foot pedal option must be specified in this application. The double-depth design of Times-2® means that both sides of the unit are accessible  simultaneously when used as a room divider. When closed, access is denied to both sides.


Technical Specification

S+1 2118 mm S+11  11801 mm
S+2 3086 mm S+12 12770 mm
S+3 4054 mm S+13 13738 mm
S+4 5023 mm S+14 14707 mm
S+5 5991 mm S+15 15675 mm
S+6 6960 mm S+16 16643 mm
S+7 7928 mm S+17 17612 mm
S+8 8896 mm S+18 18580 mm
S+9 9865 mm S+19 19548 mm
S+10 10083 mm S+20 20571 mm


Layout Depths


Free Standing 31″ (787  mm)
Against Wall 38″ (972 mm)
Back-to-Back Min. 69″ (1789 mm)
Back-to-Back Max. 76″ (1943 mm)
3 Tier 41 5/8″ (1057 mm) 6 Tier 71 3/8″ (1813 mm)
4 Tier 48 5/8″ (1235 mm) 7 Tier 41′ 10_” (12770 mm)
5 Tier 60 7/8″ (1546 mm) 8 Tier 92_” (2350 mm)


Times-2® Rotary Filing Unit Options


Times-2® Rotary Filing Unit Options

Unit 1

  • Levels 1, 2and 3. 3 standard reversible shelves and 2 movable dividers per shelf.
  • Level 4 – 1 roll out reference shelf
  • Level 5 – Roll out shallow drawer.
  • Level 6 – Roll out drawer with hanging folder frame.
  • Level 7 – Tub drawer.

Unit 2 Levels 1-7 – Standard reversible shelves and 2 movable dividers per shelf.
Unit 3 Wardrobe Kit. The 2 fittings at the bottom are not included as standard. Roll out drawer with hanging folder frame and roll out security drawer.

Units shown are 2083mm high