Preventative Maintenance

Vertical Carousels and Lift modules come under the same category as forklifts and cranes and should be serviced periodically to provide safety certification required by legislation.
Our Service Agreements are available on an annual basis and include 2 site visits a year to each contracted machine. Non-Contractual Servicing is also available. Site visits are based on a minimum call out fee per machine and at the earliest availability.
A VCA Service Technician(s) would provide each machine with a thorough inspection from the appropriate check list ensuring that each area of the machines are checked over and then lubricated to ensure smooth running until the next inspection. Carrying out this type of regular preventative maintenance helps minimise breakdowns and workforce interruptions and extends the life and value of your machines. Out of normal business hours preventative maintenance is also available so as not to interrupt your work.
On completion of the service you will receive a copy of the service report checklist highlighting any areas that may need further attention. These reports are necessary for certification of the machines. Once the service sheets have been returned to our office any further work that may be required would be detailed on a full quotation with recommendations for any repairs.